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PERFECT ENGLISH SPEECH works closely with directors and senior staff on their presentation skills; coaching them step-by-step through the process from the moment they enter the room.


Concentrating on:

- Structure.

- Expectations - Knowing your audience/listeners

- Non Verbal and Verbal communication.

- Individual style. 

- Focus - “keeping in the moment”.

- Delivering your message.

- Conclusions that inspire the listener.

At PERFECT ENGLISH SPEECH we believe there is no set format for the perfect presentation. We all have issues and sometimes fears when speaking in public. The key is to confront these issues, and work from an individual’s strength, finding a comfort zone, enabling the best performance, to get your message across in a clear, confident, and professional manner.




Perfect English Speech offers expert training in Interview Skills and will give you the tools to prepare for that all important job or scholastic interview. 

           Interview with confidence!

         - Give well-spoken answers.

         - Make a positive impression on 

            your interviewer. (Etiquette)

         - Control the fear of interviewing.

         - Manage that all important initial phone      


         - Give Professionalanswers to the

            tough interview questions and give    

            your best interview performance.

         - Practice for MMI and Behavioral interviews

         - Whatever the profession or course

            you are applying for we will design

            the session to meet your needs.


If you're nervous about your next interview or if it's been a while since your last, then we guarantee you will benefit from contacting Perfect English Speech. 1-on-1 sessions are available in person (location permitting) or ON-LINE. A single

session costs $60.00/£50.00. Special pricing packages available.





"The one on one sessions have been very helpful and I have gained professionally as I have become more knowledgeable and confident.  Mark's training methods employ, humour, experience and patience. He is always prepared, helped me to overcome my nervousness and speaks great!  I would rate the Perfect Speech training 10 out of 10."

Tanya Kuznetova, Russia, 


"Mark is a great coach and a fun individual to work with!"

Artem Baker, Experienced M & A Professional, NYC


"I have gained personally from The Perfect English Speech training and it has helped people to understand me easily in stressful interview situations. The qualities I admire most about Mark's Caven's training methods are his patience and experience." 

Hannah Chen, Toronto, Canada

"Mark is a great teacher. He was always prepared with lessons planned out to the smallest detail. Diligent, organised and always on time. I would recommend him to anyone." 

Irada Seli, Associate Producer, Field Director