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"The best selling audio download especially designed for those who have English as a first language.  A great way to practice and sharpen your skills."
Written and narrated
Mark Caven
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 For North American purchasers you can also use the iTunes links on our Home page.

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"Read what the critics are saying about Mark's latest download..."
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By Mark Caven
Read by Mark Caven

Mark Caven explains how the quality of our speech relates to our professional lives. While we know about "dressing for success," not everyone realizes how often we are judged by how we speak. The way we speak says a great deal about our backgrounds and educational levels, and may even influence the way we're treated. Caven offers, and participates in, a series of helpful warm-ups and exercises in a friendly, sincere manner. Topics include "Valley of the Lost Consonants," "Incomprehensible Vowel Syndrome," "Reconnectin' with your Word Endings," "Learning, Like, Not to, Like, Say Like," and "Losing Those Upward Inflections?" Caven's humorous delivery is quick and easy, perfect for audio, and sure to inspire listeners to rise to a more professional level and "speak for success."


S.J.H. © AudioFile 2009, Portland, Maine [Published: SEPTEMBER 2009]





"The Lowdown: Improve Your Speech - American English for Chinese Speakers is primarily aimed at those who have a working knowledge of the English language, but who want to continue to improve their clarity of speech and their accent."


 An audio download written and narrated by Mark Caven
For North American purchasers you can also use the iTunes links on our Home page.

YouTube Audio sample...


Click to Listen:MARK CAVEN - Demo North American Voices

Click to Listen:  MARK CAVEN - Demo UK and Mid-Atlantic Voices

To book Mark for any Voice Work including advertising, documentaries, narration, corporate training demos, public service announcements, and radio drama please contact:


In the UK Emma Harvey at:

HARVEY VOICES (+44 (0) 20 7952 4361)


In Canada Sandi Sloane at:

FOUNTAINHEAD TALENT (1 416 538 6888)

With the cast coaching and performing  in the BBC Radio 4 Classic serial SHOW BOAT!

Cast and crew at the premiere of BABLEDOM. Mark voiced the leading role as "the man of the future".