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We recommend that all our clients take part in an initial assessment, to determine their motivation, goals, and expectations. This assist us in designing the best 

personalized program possible. Typically our English Pronunciation Program runs eight to ten sessions, followed by Advanced Workshop Programs focusing on vocabulary within the work environment, and the option for presentation, and interview skills training.



Assessment and Session appointment times are available Monday to Saturday from 8:00AM to 6:00PM. Our offices are located in Toronto, Canada, and in Bloomsbury, London UK.

Assessments are FREE and can be carried out online using Skype. Online training is available from the comfort and privacy of your own home. For more details see below...


Pronunciation Program for Private Clients...



- Ten Sessions for $500.00(USD)/£370.00.

- Programs are individually designed to meet your needs.

- Course work is emailed in advance of each session.

- Meet online using video conference through SKYPE.

- Each session lasts one hour.

- Fees include prep and follow up time, all course work and personalized sound files.

- Six months from date of purchase to complete your program.

- Offer applies to online programs for private clients only.

To book a FREE ONLINE ASSESSMENT contact us today:

PHONE:TORONTO: 1 416 525 9648

LONDON: +44 203 674 5295



*Corporate and Group Rates Vary*

Perfect English Speech customized language programs will give you the skills needed to modify

your acquired accent and work towards achieving a better clarity and quality of speech.

*For prices in Canadian dollars and Continental Europe please contact for more details.
*Single pronunciation sessions are available and start at $75.00/ per hour.


Intensive Pronunciation Program for Private Clients...


Ten, Half-Hour, Online, sessions with a Private Instructor, focusing on the challenges that affect you most for $250.00 / £190.00.

Offer in detail...

        - Ten, Half Hour, Online Sessions with a Private Instructor for $250.00 (USD)/£190.00

    - Programs are carried out one to one, online, using SKYPE.
    - It is a responsive curriculum tailored to your needs. Course work is emailed in advance of each session, with sessions lasting 30 minutes each.
    - All course work, including prep/follow-up time, plus personalized sound files, is provided by Perfect English Speech and inc in your fee.

    - Flexible scheduling. Three months from date of purchase to complete your program.
    - Secure payment through PayPal or e-Transfer.

    Find out if online training will work for you. BOOK A FREE ONLINE ASSESSMENT without obligation today.




Executive Presentation Skills Coaching for Corporate Clients...


Program packages for Corporate Clients are designed to prepare, inspire and hone your skills. Mark Caven works personally, one to one, every step of the way,
assisting you in discovering and strengthening your own personal style, enabling you to reach your audience and achieve your goals. Budget, and schedule 
are based on assessment, and the number of sessions purchased in advance.  
Rates are competitive with single sessions also available at $150.00 (USD) per hour. 
For a quote for an executive program please contact






Perfect English Speech offers expert training in Interview Skills and will give you the tools to prepare for that all important job or scholastic interview.

Inasmuch as a single session, Mark Caven the director of Perfect English Speech will show you how to:

- Interview with confidence!
- Give well-spoken answers
- Make a positive impression on your interviewer. (Etiquette)
- Control the fear of interviewing.
- Manage phone interviews.
- Give Professional answers to the tough interview questions and give your best interview performance
- Whatever the profession or course you are applying for we will design the session to meet your needs.
- If you're nervous about your next interview or if it's been awhile since your last, then we guarantee you will benefit from contacting Perfect English Speech.

- 1-on-1 sessions are available in person (location permitting) or ON-LINE. A single session costs as little as $60.00(USD)/£40.00

For more details PHONE TORONTO: 1-416 525 9648

                                  LONDON : +44 203 674 5295


 *Please note corporate pricing varies. Contact for more details and quotations.*




*Some restrictions apply.


*Corporate rates vary. 

*For prices in Canada and Continental Europe please contact




















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