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Enter the FIVE WORDS you have the most difficulty pronouncing in English, and for $1.50 (USD) PES WORD CLUB will email you a PERSONALIZED SOUND FILE with clear instructions on how to pronounce these words correctly. 

Unlike other websites, your Sound Files will never time out, and are yours to listen to as often as you like! Compile your list today. Anything and everything from names of people and places, to the world of science, medicine, law, education, and even pop culture. PES WORD CLUB offers an ideal solution as you build your own personal English Reference Files.

Simply enter your FIVE WORDS in the box below, and in brackets, whether you prefer the standard British (UK) pronunciation, or North American (NA) pronunciation. Then click BUY NOW to complete your order. 

Be sure to INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS as your Customer Shipping Address to ensure prompt delivery of your Sound File!