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Workshops and Seminars...

Perfect English Speech offers a full range of workshops, seminars and entertaining lectures to improve communication skills at all levels, and refine the art of effective presentation and public speaking. Listed here are just a sample...

So You Think You Can Talk?

A three hour workshop that focuses on the mechanics of speech, and the correct physical movements required to produce a better quality of speech. Ideal for professionals, students, and anyone who finds themselves in the public arena. 

This popular and entertaining workshop blows the roof off conventional teaching methods, offering practical and easy to follow alternatives, exploring speech through the use of movement, sound, rhythm, and logic.

Fun, interactive, and informative So You Think You Can Talk?, will inspire participants to speak for success!

Perfect English Speech: International Communication Skills Training Workshops

English Pronunciation and Conversation 

This program teaches the mechanics of voice production, providing the tools to understand the physical techniques required for correct pronunciation when speaking English. Through a series of exercises and readings, designed for each group, the program will offer everyone the skills to achieve improved clarity and quality of speech. The benefits to the individual or company can be enormous. Improved confidence in communication skills produces higher work standards and greater productivity, enabling everyone to achieving their full potential. Whatever your current skills level, or cultural background this program is ideal for teachers, students, and medical, legal and business professionals who wish to improve their international communication skills.

(Three, three hour workshops spread over two or three days.)

Presentation Skills 

This program takes international communication skills in English to the next level, focusing on phone etiquette, conference call techniques, and presentation skills; be it for the board room or conference hall. The program examines in clear, practical steps, how to build a presentation, understand your target audience, identify your personal strengths and make them work to your advantage. Participants will gain an understanding of status, appropriate behavior, and how it relates to business conversation, helping to gain self-confidence regardless of future challenges they face in their working lives.

(Three, three hour workshops spread over two or three days. Workshops can be custom designed to be industry specific)

Management Skills

This program offers an in depth, and revealing look at management techniques and styles from both the view point of the manager, and the employee.  It explores English business conversation, examining cultural differences and English business idioms, as well as job interview techniques. We also tackle status within a manager/employee relationship. How to be a better manager. How to build a better relationship with your manager and how to navigate tough personal and behavioral issues within the work place.  This testing interpersonal skills program is essential for all those who seek a career in an international forum. 

(Three, three hour workshops spread over two or three days. Workshops can be custom designed to be industry specific.)

For information on fees or to obtain a detailed quote contact