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About Us... 

Communication is essential in any successful business.  As technology races forward, and the internet sidelines verbal interaction, clients increasingly crave direct human contact, and it is the ability to speak clearly and confidently that helps build relationships, trust, and loyalty.  No matter how qualified you are, poor enunciation can stop you getting your message across.  To stay competitive, you need to communicate clearly to avoid frustrating your listeners, whether they are clients, staff or superiors.

The PERFECT ENGLISH SPEECH program teaches the mechanics of voice production by retraining the muscles inside the mouth, and providing you with the tools and techniques to understand the correct placement of the voice.  Through a series of exercises tailored to each individual, the PERFECT ENGLISH SPEECH program can help anyone achieve better clarity and quality of speech when speaking English.
The benefits to the individual, and the company, can be enormous.  Improved confidence in communication skills produces higher work standards and greater productivity, helping employees reach their full potential.  With workshops available for “one on one” training, or in small groups, the PERFECT ENGLISH SPEECH program has something to offer anyone seeking to improve their communication skills.



Company History...            
MARK CAVEN is the director of the PERFECT ENGLISH SPEECH program. Mark studied voice in England at the London Academy Of Music and Dramatic Arts, (LAMDA), the largest Speech and Drama Board in the United Kingdom, with a reputation for excellence throughout the world and focusing on the techniques pioneered by Ciceley Berry O.B.E.  
In a thirty year career he has worked successfully in film, television, theatre and radio, as a performer, director, writer, and voice coach in both the UK and Canada, mastering the techniques, experience and skills to create the PERFECT ENGLISH SPEECH program.  Mark is a frequent guest lecturer at The University Of Toronto, is the author of several best selling audio downloads on English pronunciation, and assisted in developing a highly successful series of workshops for medical staff working in the UK's National Health System to improve their communication skills.
Mark has enjoyed working with clients from a variety of professions from actors and lawyers, to doctors and politicians. His experience, humour, patience, and ability to keep it simple, have kept Mark in demand in the business arena, coaching students, executives and company directors in the art of public speaking and presentation.
In order to gain maximum benefit from the PERFECT ENGLISH SPEECH program Mark expects the same level of motivation, and concentration he himself brings to every workshop.  "It is only in our commitment to try, fail and keep applying the lessons learned that we can all improve."


What Our Clients Are Saying...



"I have benefited a lot from the English Pronunciation training, and have also made big progress on my Presentation Skills.  Mark Caven brings professionalism, patience, and lots of humour to his training sessions.  I have attended quite a few English courses and his is one of the best!"

Wilson Hu, Toronto, Canada (First language Mandarin)



"I work in customer service and live a very social life.  To live in such a diverse community, communication is the key.  The Perfect English Speech training has helped my interaction with people.  Mark Caven's training is extremely effective.  His friendliness and humour make the sessions seem like a gathering of friends. I have gained efficiency and tremendous improvement in my speaking ability, dramatically improving my phonics, not to mention my self-confidence.  Now when the tall Russian man speaks, people understand."

Dmitry Ol'erd, Toronto, Canada (First language Russian)