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Now assisting clients in Bangalore, Beijing, Berlin, Chicago, Denver, Dubai, Edinburgh, Halifax, Hong Kong, Jeddah, Kansas City, London, Madrid, Milan, Montreal, Moscow, New York, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Princeton, San Francisco, 
Sao Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto, Tokyo, Vancouver, and Washington!

Communication is essential in any business... 

"I believe in coaching all my clients through their training program from start to finish. 
Whether it be pronunciation, presentation, performance, or interview skills, I believe in establishing a personal and supportive connection to achieve maximum results, and assist everyone in reaching their full potential. Because when all's said and done, truly successful 
and effective communication is about, and only about, human relationships." 

Mark Caven

PERFECT ENGLISH SPEECH professional business coaching offers a variety of programs to improve Communication Skills. Our Pronunciation Programs specialize in teaching the mechanics of speech by retraining the muscles inside the mouth, and providing you with the tools and techniques to understand the correct placement of the voice when speaking English. Through a series of exercises tailored to each individual, the PERFECT ENGLISH SPEECH program can help anyone achieve better clarity and quality of speech.


March, 2018

Perfect English Speech is celebrating it's 16th Birthday! 
And in honour of the event we are offering a MARCH MADNESS SALE for new and returning private clients!

Purchase a Ten Session Online Program before March 31st, and receive an extra bonus TEN SESSIONS. That's twenty hour long sessions for the competitive low price of $500.00 (USD).

Perfect English Speech, offers customized, online training programs for Presentation and Interview Skills, Confidence Building, Business Conversation, English Pronunciation and Accent Modification. All our programs are individually designed to meet your needs. Book a free online assessment today.

For details, terms and conditions, message us here or email

Improve your communication skills with Perfect English Speech. Skills for life!

*This offer applies to private clients only. Corporate rates vary.
* For quotes in other available currencies please inquire.


If you or someone you know, struggle with being understood when speaking English, lack confidence when speaking in public, or are concerned that poor communication skills may be holding you back, then Perfect English Speech could fundamentally improve and expand your career options. 

Perfect English Speech programs represent online training at its best, working personally with each client to assist in achieving their goals. Experts have praised his training techniques as "quick and easy" "sure to inspire all to rise to a more professional level and "speak for success."

- Hour long and Half Hour Sessions available.
- Programs are carried out 1 to 1, online, using SKYPE.
- It is a responsive curriculum tailored to your needs. Coursework is emailed in advance of each session.
- All coursework, including prep/follow-up time, plus personalized sound files, is provided by Perfect English Speech and included in your fee.
- Flexible scheduling. Six months from date of purchase to complete your program.
- Fees are based on the number of sessions purchased in advance. 
- Secure payment through PayPal or e-Transfer.
- Online assessment/trial session free of charge.

Contact Perfect English Speech today!

January 20th, 2017 Perfect English Speech offers expert training in INTERVIEW SKILLS and will give you the tools to prepare for that all important job or scholastic interview. Visit Scheduling and Pricing for details.

January 4th, 2016: EXECUTIVE PRESENTATION SKILLS COACHING. Ideal for professionals preparing to speak and compete in the public arena. Mark began his training as an actor and has appeared in over 35 plays, and 57 film and television roles, playing a variety of characters from all over the world. (Movie/Television Credits)  His solid coaching techniques and attention to detail has ensured that many professionals and performers have remained with Mark as loyal clients for years. (References available)

December 8th, 2016: JOIN THE WORD CLUB!!! PES WORD CLUB will email you a PERSONALIZED SOUND FILE with clear instructions on how to correctly pronounce the words you find most difficult... Word Club

Working with post-graduate teachers from China at SuOn College at York University.


MARK CAVEN is the director of the Perfect Speech Program. Mark studied voice in England at the London Academy Of Music and Dramatic Arts, LAMDA, the largest Speech and Drama Board in the United Kingdom, with a reputation for excellence throughout the world and focusing on the techniques pioneered by... 

"We live and work in a global market. Our expertise is farmed out around the planet. Our clients, colleagues and customers are international. Phone your insurance company, your bank and find yourself talking to someone on the other side of the world. We encourage multiculturalism, keep adding to the melting pot, but rightly or wrongly English is still regarded as the international language of business. This is not about individual accents, so much as clarity in our communication skills. Clear speech sends out the message I am in control, I can take charge, gaining confidence from those around you. Clear speech will maximize your potential, making you a greater asset to your company, and your profession, as we work towards a common ground where we can all be understood."


Mark Caven for "The Lowdown".

Audible Download


For more information contact or listen to one of our downloads by clicking on the icons below.


The Lowdown: Improve Your Speech - American English

The Lowdown: Improve Your Speech - North American English for Chinese Speakers


Recommendations from our Clients...

"Mark Caven understood perfectly my needs and was able to select the exercises that really focused on my pronunciation and accent defects.  I praise so much the way he was able to make my texts sound more fluent. I had the feeling that my work mattered to him. Our lessons were like a rehearsal and it was fantastic for me.  When I went into the studio to record my text I felt confident.  Mark understood microphone technique and showed me how to correct my work and get the best from my performance.  really feel that my pronunciation has improved a lot and the corrections we have made will last forever.  I admire Mark's, patience, experience, ability to meet my expectations and charisma.  His teaching was confident, firm and clear. I would rate the Perfect Speech Training 10/10.  It was exactly what I needed."


Nicole Witek , Sao Paulo, Brazil, (First language French)  

 "As the Director of International Programs at the University of Toronto - New College, I've hired Mark on numerous occasions over the past decade to offer his pronunciation workshop to lecture halls full of international students. Each and every time, it has been an instant success. Students love Mark's innovative approach to learning how to speak English. Using his extensive theater training, Mark has pioneered a refreshing approach to teaching the finer points of pronunciation. His entertaining and interactive style encourages students to leave their inhibitions at the door, not worry about making mistakes, and practice-practice-practice. I recommend Mark to both individual and group clients who are tired of traditional approaches and want a new way to perfect their accent and pronunciation." 
Service Category: Education
Year first hired: 2006 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value
Kevin Frey, Director of Programs, New College, University of Toronto
"In the UK, despite what people would like to believe, your accent is still the main indicator used by clients to judge your class and background, and therefore your skills or business. Some regional accents are considered honest and reliable; for instance Yorkshire & East Lothian, and many company call centres are located in these areas because of this. Other regional accents can seriously hold you back.They may give the impression of you being naive, untrustworthy, uneducated or even worse too humorous to be taken seriously. In my personal case I had a regional accent which was a hindrance at work in the affluent South-east. It sounded naive, and a little comical to Southerners. They focused more on my accent than to what I was pitching for. I took speech classes with Mr Caven which changed key elements of my regional pronunciation. The disadvantage I had with my accent was removed and I gained a level playing field with my competitors. Mr Caven gave me confidence to talk & give presentations to major corporates,and to get on with selling my business, without worrying about a poor accent. I do believe that working with Mr Caven on my pronunciation has helped me in creating a successful business in the Capital."
J E Blackwell, London, UK(First language English. On-line client.)
"In our professional services firm, we recruit talent from all corners of the world, and many of our talented professionals do not speak English as their native language. Mark delivers a highly creative and effective system for improving English pronunciation. I have noticed a remarkable improvement in the communication skills of all of his clients here at Konverge. He is exceptionally patient at working with each person, and always puts in extra effort to help his clients. Mark's creative program for English Speech, and patient attitude, worked exceptionally well to improve our diverse group of professionals and the results were impressive. All of his students that I hired him to coach at Konverge were able to perform well in subsequent interviews, and obtain job promotions that advanced their careers. Thanks Mark!"  
Sherwin Shao, Vice President, konvergeandknow, Toronto, Canada
"I was accepted at my preferred choice of university and I know this was largely due to Mark Caven and PES's interview training skills. Of course I had to do the work, but Mark gave me the confidence I badly needed and prepared me for all eventualities, helping me with my phrasing and answering questions directly. I can't thank PES enough"

Jason Lee, Osgoode Hall, York University! (First Language Mandarin)

"PES gave me a firm base to improve my pronunciation, intonation, accent and flow.  Mark has a very good energy, positive attitude and sense of humour. I would rate my on-line experience with Perfect English Speech 10/10.Now I have to do my part and keep practicing."

Milene Kudlinski, Vancouver, Canada (First language Portugese. Online client.)



"Perfect Speech helped me identify weaknesses in my pronunciation and improve intonation.  Mark is very humorous and enthusiastic.  He pays attention to even the smallest details and adjusts the training accordingly to your needs.  I would rate Perfect Speech 9/10."


Toronto, Canada (First language Tamil)

"As a result of my on-line training with Perfect English Speech I feel more confident when speaking English at work. A lot of the things I have learned are also practical and useful in daily life. I have corrected my pronunciation and now understand the correct placement of the tongue when speaking which is essential. I admire Mark Caven's professionalism, patience, easy going attitude and humour of course!"

Lola Guo,  New South Wales, Australia, (First Language Mandarin. Online client.)



"The Perfect Speech training has helped me to overcome communication barriers and increased my confidence. Mark Caven offers experience, the highest level of proficiency, competence, capability, intelligence, attention to detail, style and patience!"


Lyudmila Denisova, Russia (First Language Russian)



"Mark Caven's teaching was wonderful. He was very good at identifying my pronunciation problems and selecting effective drills to correct them. I have made great progress in correcting sounds such as "R", "N", "ING" and "L" I really appreciate his efforts on my behalf. For me the most important part is I know how to correct my mistakes. Now it's up to me to apply them to daily conversation."


Jason Zhang, Toronto, Canada (First language Mandarin)



Ideal for actors struggling with a challenging script/audition to prepare for, or anyone training to speak in the public arena.

Our ten session, one on one, customized training program is available online through SKYPE or over the phone. For information contact us by phone or email.

For anyone short on time, but eager to maximize their opportunities, our intensive training courses will give you the skills to correct the key sounds that you personally have difficulty pronouncing. 

Perfect English Speech offers expert training in Interview Skills and will give you the tools to prepare for that all important job or scholastic interview.
Single sessions and flexible programming also available. 

*Some restrictions apply. Special offers cannot be combined. Corporate rates vary. 

A best seller for now also available on iTunes.  
Written and narrated by Mark Caven.
(Please note if you do not have iTunes installed on your computer you will need to key the title into the search engine.)



An audible download especially designed for those who have English as a first or second language. A great way to practice and sharpen your skills.

ALSO BY Mark Caven ...
An audio download written and narrated by Mark Caven
What the critics are saying about Mark's latest download...
Audiobook Reviews  


Written and narrated by Mark Caven

Mark Caven explains how the quality of our speech relates to our professional lives. While we know about "dressing for success," not everyone realizes how often we are judged by how we speak. The way we speak says a great deal about our backgrounds and educational levels, and may even influence the way we're treated. Caven offers, and participates in, a series of helpful warm-ups and exercises in a friendly, sincere manner. Topics include "Valley of the Lost Consonants," "Incomprehensible Vowel Syndrome," "Reconnectin' with your Word Endings," "Learning, Like, Not to, Like, Say Like," and "Losing Those Upward Inflections?" Caven's humorous delivery and training techniques are fun, quick and easy, perfect for audio, and sure to inspire listeners to rise to a more professional level and "speak for success." S.J.H. © AudioFile Magazine, 2009, Portland, Maine [Published: SEPTEMBER 2009]